Pops Choir performs at Rotary luncheon

Azrael Wolf, Staff Writer

Last Thursday, the 16 members of the Pops Choir sang and danced at the Manhattan Country Club for the December Rotary luncheon. According to choir teacher Chad Pape, the show is “an annual tradition we’ve participated in for decades.”

They did their show, which is a ‘50s medley, a “swing” medley and a few more numbers. But this time around came with a little surprise.

“We did our show, and then afterwards they asked us to sing them carols, like Christmas songs,” senior Hannah Davin said, “and we were not prepared for that, but we still sang them and stuff.”

Despite the unexpected request on the spot, it still went smoothly.

“I would say it was pretty fun,” Davin said. “It went well for the most part.”