Student athletes talk equity in women’s sports

Advith Natarajan, Staff Writer

In light of Women’s History Month, the following interviews were conducted with junior basketball player Avery Larson and senior volleyball player Claire Shamburg to spotlight girls sports at Manhattan High.


What are your thoughts on student involvement and attendance of women’s sports?

Larson: “So volleyball this year, I think they only had one home game [and] there was definitely a lot of students there. So that was pretty cool to see a lot of students there and basketball especially as the season has gone on, more people have started to show up for our games and stuff. That’s pretty cool.”


Shamburg: “Personally with volleyball we always have a big turnout for tryouts. I think volleyball has a really great turnout but from what I’ve heard from friends, basketball didn’t have as great of a turnout this year, but I think they’re still having a pretty good season.”


How do you feel about the equity in supplies, equipment, facilities, scheduling?

Larson: “I feel we definitely have a lot of supplies … We have plenty of basketballs. We just got some new basketballs a few years ago too … We just got new nets on the basketball hoops. So it’s pretty nice. And I think volleyball just got new nets and the new gym.”


Shamburg: “Personally, I don’t really think that girls get as much equality in the equipment that we are given and the scheduling. I am not saying anything against boys sports or anything, but I just think that in our world today that is just kind of how it is that girls sports don’t get as much attention.”


Do you think the facilities, scheduling practices, and coaching are fair for women’s sports?

Larson: “I feel like the [facilities] are pretty nice. Our locker room isn’t as big but that’s also like football, they need more space … our schedules we switch on and off with the guys with really practice and stuff. So I feel like that’s pretty even.”


Shamburg: “I think we have really great coaching for our girls. Sports here in high school, personally speaking, for experience with our coaches, I’ve loved all of them, and I think they’ve given us really great coaching and life lessons. I think we have really pretty equal locker rooms and I think our facilities are equal because I mean, we play in the gym for volleyball and they play in the same gym for basketball. I think we’re given pretty decent equipment.”


What does women’s sports mean to you?

Larson: “I think it’s just a great opportunity to have fun with friends and work hard and play. I am a pretty competitive person. So just getting to be active with friends.”


Shamburg: “I think women’s sports … are so important. I strongly suggest that you play a sport. Whether you started when you were five, or if you’re starting your freshman year. Sports really just give you a place to meet new people and make new friends and kind of express yourself in a different way and show that you can be an athlete and just compete.”