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BPA to go to Nationals
BPA to go to Nationals
April 22, 2024

Manhattan High needs more representation

Hunter Flagg

The “Indian” has been a mascot at Manhattan High School for many years. But during the month of November, which is also Native American Heritage Month, we did not see much talk about it. 

We heard about it in announcements, but we did not give it the same attention as we did other heritage months. For example, during Hispanic Heritage Month, the school posted images with photos of individuals along with their names and why they are important to history all around the school. But they did not do this during Native American Heritage Month. 

It’s kind of strange actually. Our mascot is a Native American, and for some reason we tend to pay attention to other heritage more than our mascot’s own. 

Now, we don’t need to forget all about the other heritage and history in the city. But we need to simply pay more attention to stuff that is right in front of us. 

When you enter this school, one of the first things that you see is the giant “Indian” logo. And usually when a school puts their logo large like that at the front of the school, they usually have a lot to say about their mascot and why it’s important to their school. 

Our reason for our mascot is it was intended to honor Frank Prentup, a former football coach of Manhattan High School who claimed to have “Indian” history. But it doesn’t go much further than that. During Native American Heritage Month in November, we should educate our students more about Native Americans as we do other races. As far as I have seen it is just considered to be another month, when it should be much more than that.

 I have a friend who didn’t even know that November was Native American Heritage Month. That just goes to show that our school, the one with the “Indian” mascot, doesn’t educate its students about native americans as much as it should. The school doesn’t have to do some major event to show its appreciation for Native American heritage, the least we can do is put up signs like we did earlier in the year with Hispanic Heritage Month. They could of course do more, but if that’s the most that they can do, that’s fine. 

Just a little something to show our care for Native American heritage as it should be something of high importance to us. 

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