Red carpet trends: Everything old is new again

Meredith Comas, Staff Writer

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  • Sequins made a comeback with stars such as Kate Hudson and Olivia Wilde all showing off their glamorous, glitzed-up and bedazzled looks on the red carpet.
  • Angelic white was everywhere, adorning its famed wearers like Taraji P. Henson and Saoirse Ronan with a stunning but unusually risky look for the red carpet, as it tends to resemble a wedding dress.
  • Regular black/white suit and tie went out the door with colorful suits making their way into red carpet history with stars like John Boyega showing off the more colorful side of male fashion.
  • Silvery looks and shiny metals took the red carpet and laid out new trends for stars like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid.
  • Pastel flooded the red carpet in its various hues of purple, pink and blue on people like Emily Blunt, Cate Blanchett and more.
  • Lace made its usual appearance on the carpet, deeming its frosty presence on actors like Jennifer Lawrence and Rooney Mara, a true trend.
  • Retro Hollywood made a comeback, showing off its sleek and classic style on stars such as Rami Malek and Ryan Gosling.
  • Florals made their mark on the carpet, with more than ten stars such as Meryl Streep and Emma Stone showing off their stunningly fashionable flowers.
  • Women in pants certainly made their statement on the red carpet, with stars like Rachel Wood and Gwendoline Christie taking an equally fashionable and feminist approach to red carpet fashion.
  • Actors like Jane Fonda and Alicia Vikander sported the classic ruffled look on the carpet, both classy and adorable, ruffles have been a red carpet trend through the ages.
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