Fresh Songs for Fall

Kaitlin Clark, Blue M Managing Editor

Every year, fall comes with a fresh new list of top songs to listen to. This year, it seems that retro truly reigns supreme, as many new songs borrow elements from past decades while adding modern twists to them. It’s finally the season to sit back and relax to a new playlist full of songs that are sure to quickly be topping the charts.

While “Young Dumb and Broke” has a simple, relaxed vibe, the mix of a hip-hop beat and an organ will have lovers of both retro and modern music singing along in no time. Khalid’s music video features multiple ‘90s television icons adding to the throwback theme. With its laid-back melody and retro twist, this song is perfect for a lazy fall afternoon.

Kesha’s new song “Praying” rings with triumph as it tells the story of someone overcoming their setbacks and rising above it all. After years of party songs, this heartfelt song of forgiveness and hope is refreshingly real from such a well-known artist.  A powerful beat and an uplifting message makes this song great for a season associated with change.

“No Promises” from Cheat Codes, featuring Demi Lovato, is an electric, upbeat song with the message that love isn’t always easy. Although it was released in March, this song has only recently hit the radio, gaining widespread exposure. With its fun beat and eclectic feeling, “No Promises” is sure to remain on-air for a while.

Although it was released in 2015, the Revivalist’s song “Wish I Knew You” is still on Billboard’s top 100 list and is heard on the radio.  With an ‘80s vibe and fun lyrics to match, this song talks about love in a reminiscent way. A bouncy melody makes these potentially serious lyrics light and the song thoroughly fall road trip-worthy.