Golf takes on state for second straight year

John Ostermann, Online Editor-in-Chief

Previewing the course and playing to their strengths landed the Indians girls golf team a fifth place finish at state in Dodge City yesterday.

After a practice round Sunday, it was a brisk morning when the girls entered the course for the meet.

“I went up a day earlier than the rest of the girls,” junior Elise Jackson said. “I wanted to play the course an extra time and that really helped me. I also had an extra day to chip and putt and hit balls so I could really be prepared which was super beneficial.”

The Indians played solid on their round of golf, finishing fifth place as a team. The girls competed hard individually, with Macie Myers shooting an 85 to get her in a shootout for 13th place. Jackson played one of her best rounds of the year being the second Indian and 17th overall.

“I think I played really well [given] the conditions,” Jackson said. “The wind wasn’t too bad during the first half but it really picked up on the back nine and I think most people choked once it showed up, but I really like playing in the wind so I was fairly consistent. I always think I could have done better no matter what the score and that stays true to today. My putting and chipping was wonderful today.”

The girls drove up to Dodge City on Sunday morning so they could play a practice round before the state tournament started off, giving them the opportunity to play the course once. After that the girls headed out to dinner and finished the night off relaxing in the hotel, enjoying each other’s company.

This tournament marked the last time the three seniors were able to compete at the high school level.

“The conditions were rough with a strong wind,” senior Lydia Fry said. “Nobody on the team played their best round. I personally could have done so much better. It stinks to go out on a sour note, but it was still fun getting to play the game I love for the last time as part of a team.”