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John Ostermann

John Ostermann, Online Editor-in-Chief

John Ostermann is the online editor-in-chief of Manhattan High School’s newspaper, The Mentor. Last year there was a vacancy. The mentor needed an online editor-in-chief, and John, heroically decided he would accept the quest. Ever since then John has been through many trials and tribulations, but stoically arose to the top.

Other than being the online editor-in-chief John enjoys playing basketball outside of school and in. Ever since he came out of the womb he has a been a baller.

John also enjoys hanging out with his family. Specifically fishing with his mom, Julie, and watching NFL football all day every sunday, with his dad Brian. He also likes hanging out and goofing around town with his friends.

Outside of that, and after highschool, John is pretty sure that he wants to study to become an accountant. Because of this, he is involved in BPA (Business Professionals of America). He either wants to go to university at Kansas State University or Wichita State University.

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