Artist of the Week: Neely Joyce

Aaron Hemby, Staff Photographer

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How long have you been interested in art?


Forever really. I’ve been doing it for as long as I remember, even when I was three or four, but I really got into it in seventh grade when classes were available at school. And then painting kind of became my thing.


Is painting your favorite medium?


Yes acrylic


How has you being an artist impacted your life?


I definitely think that it’s a good destresser. Whenever I’m stressed or upset about something, if I just take a couple hours to go paint, I’ll calm down. Also, I just like creating things that make people happy.


What lessons have you learned from being an artist.


I don’t know if I’ve learned any lesson from art, but I’ve expanded my horizons and I’ve met a lot of people from doing art and that’s always good.

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Artist of the Week: Neely Joyce