Kill ’em with kindness

Aloera Ostermann, Staff Writer

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People struggle every day. We all need someone or something to brighten our days and lift us up. Having a rough day is something that happens a lot, especially to high schoolers. Picking other people up is something that anyone can do. Finding a way to do that can be difficult, but if students take a little time to think about it then making someone’s day can become as natural as breathing.

“Opening the door for somebody,” sophomore Jacob Hirschey said.

Doing something as little as holding the door open for someone can alter their entire day. It is so simple to take one moment to help someone who has their arms full. Most people will appreciate such a small act and even consider paying it forward later in their day.

“Help someone with their homework,” sophomore Emily Ostermann said.

Most students will struggle with homework at some point in their school year. Offering to help those students can make their day so much easier and reduce their stress levels. This might take more time but will make that much more of an impact on each person that is helped.

“Give someone a piece of gum,” sophomore Chase Erickson said.

A lot of students get bored during their classes in school. One thing that can help them focus is if they have something like gum to occupy parts of their mind, allowing them to concentrate on the class itself. Lending someone a piece of gum can not only make their day but also help them succeed in school.

“Give someone a compliment about their looks,” Hirschey said.

For high school students self-confidence is a common struggle. How to dress and how to wear your hair are hard decisions for students. Telling someone when you think their hair looks nice, you like their shirt, etc. can make their day. It also helps build their self-confidence, and could even influence them to compliment someone else during the day.

“Ask how their day is going, or even just say hi to people” sophomore Kami Bussmann said.

Simple conversations can mean a lot to people. Not everybody realizes that they have someone who even cares how their day is going. If every person asked one student how their day was going or even just said hi to them everyone would feel that they are cared about on some level, making school a more enjoyable environment for students and faculty alike.

“If you know the person has a test or quiz say ‘Hey good luck on your quiz today! Hope you do well,’” sophomore Jordan Stegeman said.

Everybody needs a little luck throughout the day. Words can have a huge impact on people so saying good luck can change someone’s entire mindset, allowing them to hopefully achieve success on the quiz or test you took the time to wish them luck on.

Positive words and actions can mean the world to some people. Help others around our school find a way to show even one act of kindness throughout the day and our high school can become a place that is more enjoyable for every student. Let’s all take part in killing all the negativity with our own words of kindness.

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