Eating healthy: your new year’s resolution

Kaitlin Clark, Entertainment Editor

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Every new year, magazines, television shows and social media are filled with pictures of smoothies and acai bowls, all with the cliche line “new year, new me.” Inevitably, everyone will once again be posting pictures of burgers and tacos by February. How do you stick to eating healthy when everyone around you is eating takeout? The answer lies in new ideas and variety.

Nobody wants to eat the same foods for every meal. It gets bland, and frankly discourages people from continuing to eat healthy. With dozens of fruits and vegetables readily available at your local grocery store, it has never been easier to try something new. This in no way means you need to eat nothing but produce. Healthy eating encourages swapping out foods that provide you little nutrients for ones that will be more filling and better for your body.

Calories are not the enemy. Many healthy foods such as nuts, avocados and peanut butter are higher in calories, but provide your body the nutrients that it needs. Moderation is key, so try eating healthy foods that are higher in fat in combination with a lower calorie option. For example, peanut butter and apples provides a great sweet alternative to unhealthy foods.

If sweet is what you’re looking for, flavored Greek yogurt, fruit, smoothies, shakes and almond butter are all ways to satisfy your sweet tooth. Overnight oats use chia seeds, oats and milk as a base for an easy-to-make breakfast that you can customize to make any combination of sweet flavors. Honey and agave syrup make great natural alternatives to sugar when flavoring different foods as well. There are countless recipes and ideas online, making it simple to find something that you’re sure to love. Personally, my favorite healthy sweet foods are pomegranate seeds, almond butter, pears and flavored Greek yogurt.

Often, healthy foods are sweet, but it isn’t hard to find savory alternatives to keep some variety in your diet. Vegetables and hummus make a great combination that is full of fresh flavors and added health benefits, while also giving you an option that will keep you out of chips and dip. Whole grain pita bread can also prove to be a delicious alternative for traditional white bread, keeping your savory foods full of nutrients. My recommendations are pita bread and hummus, vegetable wraps, low-fat cheeses and quinoa.

Eating healthy isn’t just to lose weight; often, people are interested in making changes to their diet in order to live a healthier lifestyle in general. It’s important to remember to pay attention to the nutrients in the foods you are eating so that you can stay in good health, and also to eat a healthy amount of the foods you choose. It’s more about the kinds of food you eat, not how much. It’s essential to eat enough to keep you full until your next meal, or eat several smaller meals throughout the day.

Not only is it easier than ever to eat healthier, it’s also more delicious. There are countless options available to people interested in changing their diets, regardless of price range or region. This year, you can stick to your resolution all year long.

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