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Organization habits for stress-free living

Lauren Race, Staff Writer

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In today’s society, our agendas are often crowded with various tasks and responsibilities to be done at a fast pace. This kind of living can be incredibly stressful. However, with just a few adjustments to your everyday habits, daily life can become easier to manage.


Calendar on your phone

Since you’re already on and around your phone 24/7, try listing events on your calendar with an alert for when and where you have to be, or if you have a test on a certain day you can easily insert that date and have it notify you whenever you want.


Setting reminders on your smartphone

There is also an app on your phone that is specifically there to help you remember things on a day-to-day basis. It works similar to the calendar and alarms on your phone. You simply add a certain thing you have to do and when, and it will show up as a notification on your lock screen before you open your phone.


Writing it down

Have you ever heard that writing it down can actually help you remember it better? It does in fact work very well. Having a planner, sticky notes, notepad or a physical calendar on your fridge can help you when remembering things you need to do. With a planner and calendar you can cross out days gone past to keep track what day you have to do certain things.


Apps you can download on your smartphone

There are apps on the appstore that you can download onto your electronic device. Trello is an app to sort out week by week tasks with dates, times, and location if needed. Evernote is another app that allows you to take notes, organizing, tasks lists, and archiving. If the original apps on your phone does not meet your standards, you can definitely give these task managers a try.



If you’re a visual person this technique is for you. It comes in handy when you are using a planner to manage your time and/or activities. It’s a visual key to help you remember the days and things to do in that day. Also finding that color-coding various lists and calendars minimizes the time you have to spend looking at them.


Getting it out of the way

If you know you have to do something and don’t really want to do it — such as homework — chances are that if you get it done sooner, you won’t be stressing about it later on that week. It makes it easier on you to get your responsibilities done in a time managed way. You don’t want to be cramming a three-page essay the night before it’s due.

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Organization habits for stress-free living