Fine Arts Photo Gallery


Senior Riley Taylor pats down the clay with water to keep it moist. Students in Sara Rempel’s Ceramics care allowed creative freedom to make whatever they want as the school year comes closer to an end. Photo by Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas, Staff Photographer

Senior Kayla Semmel uses a ruler to make sure that her city scape is perpendicular to the horizon in the drawing. Other art classmates also work on their individual cities with each one slightly different from the other.


Senior Joy Gruenbacher scratches her clay to prepare it for Score and Slip technique. Artists use this technique to glue two pieces of clay to each other. Gruenbacher whose to make a functional bowl while other students in Ceramics made animals and other things they find interesting.


Junior Lerial Schmidt sketches out a bird’s head in second hour Drawing and Painting 2. Schmidt will eventually paint her sketch with acrylic. Other students in the class also have pictures that they are sketching and painting.


Manhattan High students continue work on their drawings. Students in Rachel Fontenot’s Drawing and Painting 3 class work on their perspective cityscapes during second hour on Wednesday, April 25.


Sophomore Shelby Goscha prepares acrylic paint for her sketch. Students in second hour Drawing and Painting 2 have some freedom for their assignment in making abstract paintings.