Students from Class of 2018 share some wise words

Elizabeth Alexander, Trending Editor

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As the 2017-18 school year wraps up, the Class of 2018 are getting ready to say their goodbyes while leaving big shoes to be filled by their underclassmen peers.

When it comes to surviving high school, there is a lot to consider, and every single senior at Manhattan High School has different tips and tricks.

“First off, don’t be afraid to ask for help from teachers or administrators,” senior Gillian Nichols said. “Find a teacher you really like and build a relationship with them.”

High school and its four long years are crucial when it comes to teen development. It’s a time of social interaction, physical development, relationship establishment and problem-solving. While this does pose an opportunity for a teen to become a more well-rounded student, it is also a window of opportunity to make mistakes, which can be good learning opportunities as well.

“Literally, no matter what, always do your homework,” senior Julia Zeak said. “Don’t procrastinate, don’t put everything off until the end of the semester.”

As someone who is also about to graduate, I personally agree with these bits of advice. As each year passes and you move up in the graduate pyramid, the motivation to work hard can decrease. It is important as a student to understand that the work you do in your classes will always matter, even if they aren’t for a grade from time to time. Every assignment, project and presentation you do and turn in will affect your grade and/or your ability to be a well-rounded student.

“I know it’s tempting, but don’t skip,” Zeak said. “It’ll mess you up. Seriously, if you come back to school late from lunch and wonder about skipping fifth hour, don’t do it, go to fifth hour.”

While attendance and getting assignments turned in are both important aspects to consider, school is not strictly about those two things. It is also good for a student to get involved and find a sense of individuality.

“Don’t be afraid to do stuff if you think ‘Oh, I’m too cool for that’ or ‘I’m embarrassed’,” Nichols said. “Join a club, do the thing, go to the dance, it’s worth it, you’ll have fun.”

On top of all that, it is also incredibly important that there is always something to learn from every high school experience. Whether the experience is positive or negative, it’s important to look back on what caused the experience and find a way to learn from it. Also, remember, those four years of high school move a lot faster than one might think. While earning that diploma is quite satisfying, make sure to take your time and enjoy these last few years before moving on with your future.

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