Choir rocks the house with amazing performance

Brianna Carmack, Opinions Editor

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Last Wednesday was an exciting day for the students enrolled in Choir due to the first performance of their season.

“I think my first choir performance went well, considering this is the first time any of our girls performed for an audience in high school,” sophomore Josie Summers, member of the Beginning Womens Choir, said.

There is a various amount of different choir groups such as, Beginning Womens and Mens, Bel’voce, Varsity, Pops, and Chamber. Each group had at least three songs with their performance including a somewhat difficult song.

“There was The Tyger which had complicated rhythms and stuff like that,” senior Jacob Wineland, member of Chamber and Pops said. “For Pops, usually we show off something like a Latin motet, but this year we did a jazz cruise and a Beatles tune.”

Photo by Bri Carmack
Pop’s performs song “In My Life” written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney with soloist, senior Jeremy Hinrichs.

“I think overall, we sang well and even though we had a hard Japanese piece, people made the effort to remember that,” Mia Thompson, sophomore and member of choir group, Bel’Voce said.

Choir director, Chad Pape, has been preparing his students since the third week of school, making sure that they were ready in time for the concert.

“To prepare, my group did various vocal exercises, such as, putting a jolly rancher between our teeth to keep our mouth tall,” Summers said. “Also, once we got our music, we diagramed it with the solfége and clapped out the rhythms.”

Unfortunately, time is almost up for the seniors making this concert their last first concert. This came to be a little upsetting to some of them.

“It’s kind of surreal and a little upsetting, because choir was always a nice place to go,” Wineland siad. “I could always expect to come back next year and be like, yeah, I’ve got time with this. Now i’m finally like, oh, wow. I don’t have time with this.”

Overall, choir pleased the audience while singing advanced songs and having fun.

“I really love the choir program and the students in them,” Thompson said. “Also, Mr. Pape is an amazing teacher. I’m so happy I decided to enroll in choir when I got to MHS.”

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