Inktober inspires artists

Kyla Barnett, Features Editor

Halloween brings spooky times, trick or treating, scary movies and a fun challenge for artists. 

During the month of October artists from all around the country participate in a prompt challenge called “Inktober.”

“The whole concept of Inktober is that you draw something for every day of the month and every day you get a one-word prompt,” senior Ella Rosenkranz said. 

Artists have many different prompt lists to choose from and an official list can be found on most social media platforms or on their website. Inktober was created by artist Jake Parker to develop positive drawing habits and improve skills. 

“As an artist, you know, you kind of want to improve your art,” Rosenkranz said. 

Rosenkranz is participating in Inktober for the second year and says that this year she is just doing the prompts that give her inspiration. 

Junior Danny Galitzer, who has participated in Inktober for the past four years, has also decided to just do prompts that spark inspiration. 

“I like to challenge myself with my art and being given a certain prompt often makes me feel more motivated to do something that I wouldn’t normally do,” Galitzer said. “Sometimes it’s harder, because you have to think more outside the box and use it in a way that you wouldn’t normally expect to or in the other direction, you may have to like follow it just directly, which is not something that I usually do.”

With Inktober almost over, many artists are happy and feel very accomplished with what they have done and many artists have had their work featured on the official Inktober account. Artists can’t wait to do it again next year.