Social media provides viewers a year in review

Aubrey Strother, Staff Writer

As the year will be ending in less than a month, many people are looking back on their lives within the last year through their social medias. 

Every year, YouTube does “YouTube Rewind,” where they put together a video highlighting what happened or what was popular over the course of that year. Spotify just came out with a playlist of the users’ top songs that they listened to in 2019. Facebook also does a type of rewind where either at the end of the year or early January some of the users’ pictures and how many friends they have will be in a video to remind the user what happened over the past year. TikTok, a very popular social media, will have a type of rewind that is very similar to that of Facebook, by putting together a short video of the things that the user has done over the past year or that was popular on the app during that year.

YouTube Rewind has been especially popular with Manhattan High students. Sophomore Carissa Brandt and her brother Josh, a senior, are among those who have taken part.

“I think if it’s done right, it’s a good idea,” Carissa said, “but usually it’s like either a way to like make money and promote things or it’s just like not what most people enjoy.” 

Sophomore Grace Higgins said, “From what I’ve heard sometimes…YouTube sort of just takes what they like…I think it was just kind of chaotic and confusing. It was like a bunch of clips of videos and it didn’t really go together, so I didn’t really think it wasn’t that enjoyable to watch.”

Sophomore Ariana Hall didn’t get into the rewind as much as some students. “I think it used to be [a good idea] but now I don’t really like it,” she said, “because it just shows like the old people and it doesn’t really show that many of the new YouTubers and it’s kind of changing.” 

However, Josh enjoyed the YouTube rewind in particular. 

“I think in retrospect it’s a good idea because it kind of molds the idea of what the YouTube community is as a whole and it kind of shapes a good idea in the mind of a consumer,” he said.

Much like TikTok, Snapchat also puts together a short video to remind the user what happened over the course of the year. 

Hall liked the rewinds on Snapchat and TikTok, as well as Facebook Rewind. 

“I think it is so you can see your memories,” she said.