Behind the dieting process

Hannah Heger, Trending Editor

Health, digestive, personal and religious reasons lead people around the globe to find themselves in need of specialized diets. Many people decide to change their ways of eating to better themselves

An easy way to figure out a dieting plan that works for you is to see a licensed dietitian. Since many dietitians provide their clients the best possible meal for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle, using their client’s goals, symptoms, past medical history, eating habits, exercise habits helps a dietitian to create the best results. With all those factors involved a dietitian can work with them to better their life because choosing a diet isn’t based on one specific aspect.

“I practice a holistic and functional approach to health and wellness,” Leslie Allen, owner and dietitian at Grace, Goals and Guts, said on her website. “This means together we’ll look at how different areas of your life are connected to your health as a whole. I will use my training and experience in both nutrition and exercise science to help you reach your goals and develop healthy lifestyle habits.

While there are many blogs and books to provide people with information about specific diets, dieting isn’t as easy as finding a website that specializes in a distinct style. Dieting is not a change in what you eat or controlling your food intake, it’s a change in an individual’s lifestyle. Since food provides energy and nutrition to remain healthy, cutting out certain foods to “regain health” could actually cause you more harm than good.

“I recognize that nutrition is not ‘one-size fits all,’ but rather requires different approaches depending on each individual’s state of health, lifestyle, and environment,” Allen said. “What may be healing to one person’s body, may cause inflammation and harm to another. We’ll work to find what your unique body needs.”

No matter the reasoning behind choosing a new lifestyle knowing what your body needs to be able to provide is the basis of what a proper diet is built on. Having a good mental mindset and a support group it is

“I hope to share with you in your journey what I have learned and continue to learn,” Allen said. “I believe that it is in the small steps that we create lasting change.”