Bowling begins tournament season

Rachel Edie , Business Manager

The Manhattan High bowling team has been eagerly awaiting their first tournament of the season. They have been practicing every day since tryouts were held, on Dec. 3-5. 

The team is bigger than ever, with a whopping 23 members. Since tryouts, the team has been practicing at Little Apple Lanes after school almost every day.

Their first tournament has been led up to by some dangerous weather to the point where school was cancelled halfway through the day last Friday and completely cancelled yesterday. 

The cancellations have not stopped the bowling practices, however. Yesterday they had an afternoon practice. At said practice they learned of their departure time for their first tournament of the year at 1:30 p.m. today.

The entire team goes to this tournament hosted by Hayden High. They play against Seaman and Hayden’s bowling teams. 

“We are getting in shape and working on some things but we are all very excited and can’t wait for our first tournament,” junior Kim Crawford said. “We have many new faces and so excited to get the season going.”