Insight on setup of the Homecoming Dance

Kris Long, Ethan Morrow, and Cole Schmitt

September 27, 2018

The Homecoming Dance is taking place at 7:00 pm. Saturday, Sept. 29, in the Manhattan High West Campus North gym and commons area. The theme for the dance is called True Colors. “Monday is going to be like a certain color,” said Tribe Co-President Erin Stenberg, “like everyone wear pink. Th...

NHS game night tradition sparks student bonding

Heidi Hansen and Julianna Poe

September 27, 2018

Are you ready for this year’s Homecoming week? Well, this year National Honor Society club will be continuing their tradition of hosting a game night. The details are yet to be determined. “We maybe would do some rendition of volleyball, some not official volleyball game… like a twist on vo...

Homecoming Expectations Q&A

Bella Lane and Parker Dawdy

September 27, 2018

From freshman to senior, students have many different expectations for Homecoming. We asked students, “What are your expectations for Homecoming?”. Here are some of their responses.   Deeshana Nilaweera: “Having a good time with friends and nothing more.” Maria Arroyo: “To ...

Creative asks are proving successful

Heidi Hansen and Julianna Poe

September 27, 2018

Manhattan High School students are kick-starting homecoming excitement early by creatively asking one another to the dance. For example, freshman Zeke Cole asked his girlfriend, freshman Emy Bise, this past week to the dance in a unique way. He bought her a Starbucks drink and made her a poster th...

Preview of Homecoming Pep Rally

Hannah Le and Katya Tarabrina

September 27, 2018

With the 2018 Homecoming Pep Rally approaching on Wednesday, Sept. 26, the students are busy preparing for their performances. The cheer and dance team, as well as the band, will be performing at the rally. “We’ve come together as a team, [both Junior Varsity and Varsity] with three-hour-long prac...

Manhattan High football team prepares for homecoming game

Coy Cavender and Joe Hall

September 27, 2018

Manhattan High will face off against Emporia High on Sept. 18 for the big homecoming game. The undefeated Indians will try to keep their winning streak going as they face the 1-2 Spartans. The game will be at Bishop Stadium. "We are practicing, watching film, scouting and lifting," senior captain C...

PowderPuff football tradition, showcases school spirit

Meredith Graves, Ryleigh Lancaster, and Rachel Edie

September 27, 2018

Manhattan High PowderPuff football and cheer teams have been working hard at practice to achieve the goal of entertaining students during Homecoming week. “Expect a good and funny show,” Lawson Monico, senior, said. PowderPuff has been a tradition at MHS for a long time. PowderPuff is a football ga...

Homecoming theme “True Colors” allows increased participation, inclusiveness

Jimmy Marshal, Staff Writer

September 27, 2018

At Manhattan High School, every year has brought refreshing themes for our homecoming games and dances. Homecoming is right around the corner, and Tribe has announced this year's theme for the games and dance: "True Colors." “We wanted to do something unique and different this year, and that ...

College Freshman Essentials help make life a little easier

Meredith Comas, Opinions Editor

May 24, 2018

As seniors move on from high school and graduation day approaches, many may be worrying about what a college freshman actually needs. There are dorms to decorate, classes to prepare for and instant noodles to learn how to make. If you’re one who’s been a little on the “what to expect” side, ...

Students from Class of 2018 share some wise words

Elizabeth Alexander, Trending Editor

May 24, 2018

As the 2017-18 school year wraps up, the Class of 2018 are getting ready to say their goodbyes while leaving big shoes to be filled by their underclassmen peers. When it comes to surviving high school, there is a lot to consider, and every single senior at Manhattan High School has different tips an...

Students study effectively

Megan Klug, Blue M Editor-in-Chief

May 8, 2018

  Location. Location is a key element to studying. It is important for students to find a place where they are able to focus on the material in front of them. For most teenagers, their room is not an ideal spot to study. Due to the mental association with your room, it makes it harder to s...

Finding motivation to finish strong

Jacob Clanton, Print Editor-in-Chief

May 8, 2018

Near the end of the semester, it becomes difficult to stay focused on education. Many students neglect to do work, switching to coast mode instead. “The end is near,” they say. “Why should I care?” Keeping up the intensity to finish with the grades you want is important. To do that, you have...

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