Kyla Barnett
Sophomore Kyla Barnett is currently the Features Editor for The Mentor where she writes stories and designs pages. 

She has high hopes for this year and is looking forward to embracing seasonal designs for The Mentor.

“[It] was really fun because you learn a lot of new interesting things,” Barnett said. “I like that.”

Barnett loves to be herself at every opportunity, which is why she tries to incorporate it into her many other activities, such as Environmental Science Investigations, Medical Explorers and Youth Jury. She also runs for the Manhattan High Cross Country team.

She enjoys the camaraderie of Mentor work nights and being able to bond with other members of staff. 

“Have fun, live [life], live every second, even if it’s just laying in bed doing nothing,” Barnett said. 

Kyla Barnett, Features Editor

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Kyla Barnett